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Our Values

Artemis-8 Partners was formed by eight long-time collaborators with a shared belief - that the emerging, highly innovative industries has a unique power to build prosperous communities with products that contribute to the general well-being of its users. Our services are underlined by five principles that express our shared ethical and professional values.

  1. Unity: Develop strong relationships established on mutual honesty, shared networks, and honorable conduct.

  2. Professionalism: Perform with the highest levels of respect, responsibility and transparency.

  3. Collaboration: Harbor a collaborative approach to management and decision making.

  4. Partnership: Create strong and lasting partnerships with our clients and their networks.

  5. Integrity: Establish trust, transparency and integrity among our clients, their leadership teams, and their community.

Team History

Artemis-8 brings over 100 years of collective experience in operations, manufacturing, finance, and marketing with established and emerging brands. Our partners come from varied backgrounds, from Fortune 500 companies to the fast moving entrepreneurial companies that made it big. As individuals, our team has maintained executive and management leadership for over a dozen companies and have consistently driven entrepreneurial ventures.

With a focus on supply chain management, executive coaching and strategy development, we collaborate with company leadership to develop strategic roadmaps in their respective fields.

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Chris Kelly

Chris leads post harvest processing and distribution center specialist at Artemis-8.

Chris is a well-respected industry veteran with 25 years of experience in the the emerging regulated field. With a proven track record in scaling and automating large vertically integrated operations, Chris specializes in driving efficient throughput for extraction labs.

As a founder, Chris has designed and implemented multiple cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution operations and has been instrumental in building each brand from conception to revenue.



City University of Seattle- Juris Doctor, 1997

University of Hawaii at Manoa- IT Administration and Management

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Lisa S Bio A8.jpg


Lisa Salaices

Lisa has 25 years of experience in business management, finance, accounting and executive board development. She is passionate about helping social entrepreneurs and leading firms in the emerging industries to build strong and sustainable business foundation. Lisa provides financial leadership, accounting and community development expertise which she successfully combines with her big picture strategic thinking.



Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of CA Davis
Masters of Science in Community and Regional Development

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ezra kille.jpeg


Ezra Kille

With 25 years of experience in horticulture and plant cultivation Ezra has focused primarily on the new crops in the past decade. He specializes in large-scale site build-outs, management, and operations. While regarded as one of the most knowledgeable crop cultivation professional in the industry, Ezra is continually adding to his knowledge base through his extensive contacts in the genetics, equipment and grow operation automation industries, as well as expanding into commercial CBD production.

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dhruba das.jpeg


Dhruba Das

Dhruba leads branding and marketing at Artemis-8.

Dhruba is passionate about crafting memorable brands that tell a meaningful story to the consumer. With experience in deploying marketing plans globally, Dhruba develops brands that are rooted in facts about the product, process and, when applicable, the brand’s founders.

Dhruba’s experience in creating and bringing new brands to market is informed by 15 years of branding and marketing leadership in the CPG, wine, and spirit industries.


The Ohio State University- Masters of Food Science

Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University- Masters of Business Administration

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kdlinkedin22016_2 copy.jpeg


Katie Das

Katie leads product development and regulatory compliance at Artemis-8

Katie is a food industry veteran who worked in Fortune 500 and start-up companies with roles in product developing and marketing. She used her product development and management skills working with household brands such as Juicy Fruit, Philadelphia Cream Cheese and DoubleMint gum to start and grow her own confectionary company, Das Foods. She returned to her technical roots by becoming involved in a complex and technically challenging area of food safety and regulatory compliance.


The Ohio State University- BS, Food Science and Nutrition

Booth School of Business, University of Chicago- MBA

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Yarrow Kubrin

Yarrow leads real estate and land use at Artemis-8. He brings decades of experience in business development, land-use, real estate pre-development and construction management.

With the perspective of a second generation cultivator raised in Northern California's’ prolific producing regions, he Emerald Triangle. Yarrow is passionate about the convergence of real estate zoning and crop production.


McAteer School of the Arts- BA, Theater

University of San Francisco: Public Administration

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chris parkin.jpeg


Chris Parkin

Chris leads technology integration at Artemis-8

Chris specializes in integrating technology throughout the growing companies’ enterprise networks.

With a background in finance and economics, Chris establishes operational procedures that reduce waste and increases scalability while maintaining state regulatory compliance. Chris works with client ownership to identify growth opportunities and business model viability while establishing a plan of action with fellow collaborators at Artemis8.

Chris continually collaborates with specialists in the technology, agriculture, financial and legal sectors to provide stellar growth opportunities for clients and collaborators alike.


University of San Diego, CA- BS, Finance and Economics

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